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I hope you are well and getting your Chistmas preparations well under way before the big day!

Have you chosen your outfit yet?

There are many so sales that have already started on the High Street and I think at this late stage it's probably best not to order online in case they don't fit.

I'm a great believer in seeing, feeling and trying the clothes before you buy and I was delighted with this chocolate brown sparkly top that I picked up from Marks and Spencer for £35 yesterday.

Chocolate brown is a great alternative to black and can be much kinder to your skin tone too.

Getting the right colours is just as important as getting the right style and I think its often this combination that my clients struggle with.

Give me a call this week if you need some help.

There is is still time for me to organise Gift Vouchers before the big day - Personal Shopping, Style and Colour Analysis, Tortue French clothes - give me a call 07933 911522

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It's really lovely to see the new styles and colours for Spring/Summer 23 emerging and there are a lot of pastels around, but what if you are middle aged and these are no longer flattering for your skin tone?

Pale colours can be draining on ageing skin, and the truth is you would probably look a lot younger and more vibrant in a bolder cobalt blue, energising orange or glamourous green.

I usually pick 2 or 3 main colours for you in my Style and Colour Analysis and match these with your best base colour which could be navy, black or charcoal and now that it is back in the shops, chocolate brown.

Chocolate is such a great alternative to black as it is less draining, more stylish, and it looks especially good with cream, tan and gold.

Call me now to book your own personal Style and Colour Analysis - you will always look and feel great and never make those shopping mistakes again!

One Hour - £95

07933 911522



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Happy 2023! I hope you are well and looking forward to the year ahead with some energy and enthusiasm.

If you're not maybe a new look could help with your mindset and self-confidence - I think wearing the right colours and styles for your body shape can help you hugely get to where you want to be in life, whether it is a new job or promotion, taking up a new hobby or even embarking on dating or a new relationship!

I specialise in helping mainly women dress in the best possible way - it doesn't matter what size you are or if you have a small budget - everyone can look amazing just ask me how!

My Captain Tortue French clothes (sizes 6-24) are all reduced in the sale now so give me a call if yuo would like to view 07933 911522.

I love this fitness outfit - you can see the clothes are feminine and great quality - and if you fancy some fitness to head over to my website Stirling Fitness .


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Like it or not, unless you are extremely self confident and self-assured, our self esteem is often tied up with the way we look.

This is especially evident with the younger Generation Z and the prominence of Social Media, however I think even before this time, my own Generation X and women before this, have always felt better about themselves if they look good.

I remember as a child getting a new pair of shoes and feeling like a million dollars. I also remember being made to wear some awful clothes and feeling terrible about myself!

I think no matter your size and shape you can look good - it's just about wearing the right colours and styles for you.

Give me a call if you feel you need some help with your self esteem or your wardobe - your clothes are like your armour - you can conquer the world if you are wearing the right ones!




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I have noticed amongst the younger 'GenerationZ' (late teens/early 20s) that traditional bras are no longer part of their wardrobe and sports bras for daytime, and clever taping and fitted dresses and tops for evening wear are much more comfortable and practical.

So where does leave us ladies in Generation X or older (their Mothers and Grandmothers) who have been taught from a young age that wearing the right bra is great for our posture and is quite frankly as necessary as a pair of knickers?!

I think it's important if you have a large bust to have good support, but I guess if you are pert and smaller endowed it would be acceptable and good for the breast muscles to work a bit harder without.

If you do need to get fitted (not all of us feel happy with nipples on show!) I recommend you go to a specialist bra shop like The Personal Touch in Stirling or Bathgate, where a tape measure is not used and the bra is fitted to you.

Wearing the right bra if you are a D cup or above will make you look slimmer, your clothes fit better and you may be able to drop a dress size.

Call me for more information or come along to the Studio and I can tell you if your bra fits correctly or not.

07933 911522




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